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Angioplasty Specialist

Chinatown Cardiology

Cardiologists & Interventional Cardiologists located in Chinatown, New York, NY & Flushing, NY

To determine whether an angioplasty is necessary, the doctors at Chinatown Cardiology, with locations in the Chinatown section of New York City and Brooklyn and Flushing, New York, provide expert peripheral catheterization diagnostics at the practice’s onsite outpatient peripheral cath lab.

Angioplasty Q & A

What is peripheral catheterization?

Peripheral catheterization is a procedure used to help determine whether a patient requires angioplasty or stenting. During this procedure, a long, thin, flexible tube is inserted into the blood vessel, either in your arm or the groin and passed through to the neck. In a typical peripheral angiography, a contrast dye is allowed to flow through the blood vessels to make the arteries visible via x-ray images.  This procedure helps detect peripheral artery blockages, a condition in which plaque builds up inside the arteries, restricting blood flow.  Depending on the extent of blockage or disease, you may or may not need to undergo angioplasty or stenting. Peripheral catheterization procedures are traditionally performed in the hospital setting.  However, Chinatown Cardiology, P.C. now has an outpatient peripheral cath lab conveniently located within the same building as our main office.

What is an angioplasty?

This is a procedure performed to open clogged arteries to restore proper blood flow. It is performed under IV sedation and entails the insertion of a catheter into an artery. The catheter is then threaded through the arterial system to the coronary artery. The process is aided by special X-ray imaging called fluoroscopy. Next, a thin wire is threaded through the catheter. An expandable balloon is passed over the wire. The balloon is rapidly inflated and deflated to reopen the blocked artery.

What is a stent?

An angioplasty procedure is often combined with the insertion of a permanent stent. A stent is a collapsed wire mesh tube that is mounted on the angioplasty balloon. When the balloon is inflated, the stent is opened against the artery walls and locked in place to help keep the artery open.

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